3 Good Reasons Pre-schools Are Important for Kids

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Pre-schools are becoming an important part of kids’ development process. In fact, a right preschool will help kids to grow and prepare for further challenges in studies and day-to-day activities. From engaging in different activities to promoting child development, these schools are equipped with good infrastructure and teachers for academic, emotional and social success.


It is the foundation of further studies and kids mental development. Vagishwari World School, one of the best schools in Uttam Nagar, West is the prime example why pre-school is the best for kids to start their journey to a new world.

Let us check 3 good reasons why Pre-schools are important:

  1. An Opportunity for Growth:

For kids, who just began their learning process from beyond homely environment, preschool act as the place for the growth. It is a place with structured setting having teachers and group of children. In fact, it is the place where they will start learning under settled and strict environment with instructions from teachers.

  1. Preparing Kids for schools:

Schools are starting from nursery or higher standards are more academic than pre-schools. However, parents are quite worries about the current trend of pre-schools focusing on maths and literacy skills that cuts down the session of play time for kids. But, Vagishwari World School, teachers focus on both, academic and physical development of kids for their promising growth.

  1. Promotes Social and Emotional Development:

One of the best things about pre-schools is they promote social and emotional development. A 3 year old kid is able to spend time with parents, friends and teachers and build strong trusting relationship. Teachers are able to build personal connection with the kid during the academic year. Moreover, teachers too value parents and provide them with daily reports on kids’ engagement towards peers.

About Vagishwari World School:

Vagishwari World School is one of the Top 10 schools in Uttam Nagar West promoting creativity and quality education for kids. The curriculum is designed not to focus only on kids’ academic growth, but also in their personal growth. We believe that education is the right of every child and we take every possible step. With highly trained teachers and good infrastructure, we continue to be among the best primary schools in Uttam Nagar West. Check out our online registration and connect with us for the admission of your kid.