Acquiring Some Basic Skills Imperative For Good Development Of Children

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There are some basic skills that a child needs to acquire during its schooling.

One such skill is reading. A great emphasis needs to be laid on this skill even more than writing. Why is this so let us find out?When a child learns to read, it can be in the medium of instruction, the vernacular or even the mother tongue it will enable to learn and understand the concept independently. This is really important because when the child understands it by reading something the views that are formed within his or her mind may be his or her own.


When he or she cannot read and is helped with reading or is read to the reader may put his or her opinion across. This hinders the independent thinking process. So with learning to read the child learns to interpret things independently which also enables him or her to make opinions of his or her own without the influence of others.

This is important for the growth of the child and his or her cognitive skills. With good cognitive skills the person is able to stay focused and also gets interested in learning new things. The curiosity also increases with a huge thirst for garnering knowledge.

This does not happen overnight but the habit of reading and comprehending induces confidence and paves the way for growth of an intellectual and inquisitive mind. This is important in building the character of the child. The child needs to learn the other aspects of a language that is listening, speaking and writing.

Yes when a child learns to write something independently and not from rote learning a creative side is kindled. The child can express the thoughts independently. Even this helps in improving his cognitive skills which is really important for an individual’s growth.

Learning to read the child learns more about the world and the different concepts and makes an independent opinion by himself or herself. With learning to write the child can come out with its own ideas to express itself.

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