What All Children Learn in a Preschool

What All Children Learn in a Preschool, vagishwari world school
Preschool is not just a place to gain knowledge, it is a place where you have fun, make friends, learn creativity and become confident and outgoing and thus a good preschool is a foundation for a successful life.  At Vagishwari world school, children are honed in all their dimensions-creative-social-intellectual and physical. This makes it one of the top 10 playschools in Uttam Nagar West in Delhi.

These are certain essentials which children learn in School:


A preschool is the first social outing for kids. They for the first time are with several children their age. Man is a social being needs people to share, care and interact with and the same is the case with young children. They need children their age and this is the place where they learn how to make friends and enjoy the company of same aged children. At Vagishwari world school, children are taught to be friendly with each other and celebrate differences. There is no pressure on any child and all children play, learn and enjoy together. This makes Vagishwari world school the best primary school in Uttam Nagar West in Delhi.


Math and English are both critical for a child’s academic success. At preschool, the small child learns math and English through educational toys, games, and puzzles. A playschool is a fertile ground where children can learn about the 2 foundations of education and excel in them as they grow up


Creativity is a critical skill. Developing creative intelligence is now being considered very important and critical to career success. At preschool, children learn how to think creatively and also develop skills to deal with situations in an open-minded and refreshed thinking the manner


Children are taught proper etiquette and behavior at preschool. They learn about how to behave with others, things to do like greeting etc. and also behaviors to avoid like abusing and getting violent.

Social etiquette is critical for children if they are to become successful in life as by making cordial relationships children can grow in socially adept and responsive adults


By being themselves between many children and expressing their individuality, children become more confident and self-reliant. For the first time they are not with their parents and around complete strangers and they have to survive by asserting themselves and expressing their individuality.

This is very healthy for the child as he learns to fend for himself and gains maturity and individuality, thus also enhancing his personality.