Co-Curricular Activities

Vagishwari World School

Co-Curricular Activities

 To pave the way for such non-cognitive learning organize a variety of competitions and cultural events which also support formal learning. A sense of belonging and loyalty are promoted in the students by way of Inter-class competitions such as debate, recitation, fancy dress, group song, folk dance, rangoli, art and craft etc. that provide learning experiences which enrich the educational and social development of the students.

Morning assemblies arranged class wise on rotational basis is a forum for the students to address a large audience and express themselves. Every student is encouraged to participate indiscriminately with the intention of nurturing and developing inner talents. Activity lubs allow the learners to pursue any interest of their choice. Hand in hand with class-room education, such events provide the students with an opportunity to be a part of a broad spectrum of activities which promote the development of a “Complete Being”.

Life At Vagishwari World School

Some of these activities are



Physical activities, sports, and exercise are essential for the holistic development of students. Schools often have physical education classes, sports teams, and organized competitions.


Clubs and Societies

Schools may offer various clubs and societies focusing on different interests such as science, math, literature, debate, drama, art, music, and more. These clubs provide students with opportunities to explore and enhance their talents and interests.


Field Trips

Educational outings and field trips provide students with real-world experiences that complement classroom learning. These trips can be to museums, historical sites, nature reserves, or other places of educational interest.


Cultural Events

Schools often organize cultural events, festivals, and celebrations that allow students to showcase their talents in areas like dance, music, drama, and art. These events promote cultural awareness and appreciation.


‘The whole movement of life is learning.’