Creativity Gets Fillip With The Teachers Recognizing It At The Right Time

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All children have good creative skills but not many of these talents come to the fore. The reason is that these children are not given an opportunity to do so. There can be different reasons for this. Sometimes it is the child does not know or recognize its own skill and it needs the help of others to recognize it.It is here that the parents and teachers play an important role.

Usually, the talent that the child has, will be hidden in most of the cases. It will manifest in all the actions the child does. If the child is good at drawing the skill will be seen in what he writes and draws during the class and other work that is assigned to him or her.


A child that has a talent for singing will be seen humming or singing the songs it has heard. On close observation, you can know the child has a good voice and sings nearly perfectly. So also it is with other talents they will come to the fore during some activities the child does.

It is up to the parents and the teachers to recognize these qualities and give it a fillip. If the school provides lessons in such art the child is interested in he or she should be encouraged to join it. the parents may oppose but the teacher needs to convince them about the hidden talent.

In case the school does not provide such classes or lessons then the parents can be requested to admit the child to some institutions that provide coaching in the particular art form. This will encourage the child to augment the skill it already possesses.

Many a time the teachers do recognize a skill or talent but do not encourage the child but the child discouraged for it on the pretext of not being able to do academically well if the child pursues his or her talent. The parents also endorse this thought and the child is the sufferer many a time.

The child loses out and grows up to be an average adult with no much interest in life and just surviving. So recognizing talent in the right person at the right time can create good human beings. This will make the world a better place to live.

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