Field Trips A Must For Imparting Holistic Education To Children In Play School

A child does not attend school just to learn to read and write. If that was the aim of the education, then appointing a home tutor would be enough. Most parents prefer to enroll their toddlers in the play school so that they start the learning process early in life.

So the school also has a responsibility of imparting the best of education to the children it enrolls. The policy of Vagishwari World School is not different from this. From day 1 when a child is enrolled into the school the education process starts. There different aspects that have to be taught. All these are made a part of the curriculum no doubt.

Among others one of the important things that needs to be included is field trips. Children need to be taken for trips outside the school premises a few times in a year. These trips can be of different types like visiting some parks, gardens, water bodies, exhibitions, museums, factories and so on.

When they are taken on such trips they learn things first hand. Initiating such practical learning makes it easy for them to understand the concepts and aspects of the different subjects easily. This is a better way than rote learning.

After their schooling these children need to step out into this world. So making them understand what the world is at an early age makes them empowered and also makes them confident. They also become inquisitive and develop an interest in different things.

Making this kind of holistic learning which includes field trips and other practical way of learning makes the child a better citizen of the society. This also makes them creative. So when a school provides such a holistic education it has played its part well in grooming the students to face this harsh world in a better and confident way. It is such children that grow up and pave the way for further development of the world.

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