Give Back To Where It Belongs And The World Will Grow Faster

vagishwari world school

A teacher who is teaching in any school at present was a student a couple of decades back too. They are now giving back what they have learned as a student and are contributing the society that has given them a lot.

So now it is their turn to teach all they have learned in their times as pupils to the present day students. This cycle will go on. Many of these students will also learn so many aspects of life and other things during their schooling and then go back to the world and contribute what they can to it.

The school thus makes it a point to teach all the aspects that are needed for a student to learn. So learning the different subjects like math, science and languages is not enough. They need to be taught many other things too. Art and craft, sports and other skills are made the part of a curriculum in school so that the child learns so many aspects before he or she leaves school.

Vagishwari World School

Learning these at a young age equips the student to face life in the coming days. Then when they grow up it is their time to give back to where it belongs. This cycle has been continuing and will continue in the future. Today what young people know was learned from the previous generation and they will pass it on to their next generation.

Yes, the world is developing and new concepts are discovered and invented too. The inspiration to do so and work on the new aspects also comes from the encouragement from the school.

The school like Vagishwari World School also supports such creative minds as they are our future and can lead us to a better future with their innovative ideas. In school it is not enough to go by rote learning but give some chance for creativity. Those who are creative from a young age can do well professionally too and achieve a lot in life against those who just get high marks with rote learning. These creative minds give back the world where they have got so much in the form of encouragement and then the development will take place faster.


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