How Parent Can Partners With Schools to Help in Holistic Development of Children

How Parent Can Partners With Schools to Help in Holistic Development of Children, vagishwari world school

It is very important that parent spend quality time with their children both at home and in school. Through events, PTA meets and counselling sessions both the parents and the teachers try to help the child mature and become more confident.

These are some ways in which parents can partner with the school to help children grow and flower:


It is very important for parents to interact and play with children both in school and at home. This is very beneficial and gives confidence to the child as he feels protected and at home with his parents around. Moreover there is also a lot of bonding which takes place between the parents and children. Good schools like Vagishwari World School encourage parents to interact and play with their children which leads to happiness for the child and boosts his confidence


Parent teacher meets are very fruitful as both the parents and teachers can give their own perspectives and thus the child is observed from different points of view which leads to a comprehensive outlook and by doing a SWAT analysis both can come to some conclusions on as to give the child the best exposure and how to boost his confidence and help him grow out of his shyness.


Events are also organized in good schools like Vagishwari World School, which is the best Play schools in Uttam Nagar West in Delhi, in these events the children and parents can participate together in games like rag race and lemon spoon race and thus through these light hearted games these events prove crucial for boosting the child’s confidence and helping him mature while at the same time feeling safe with their parents around


Special counselling sessions are also held in good schools where the teachers and the parents discuss about any problems or issues the child is facing and thus come to a solution and a plan of action through which they can help the child become more outgoing and confident.

Thus parents spending time at school with children is not only important but also crucial and should be encouraged as it helps the child mature and increases his confidence level.