How to keep your child safe while on the Internet

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At Vagishwari World School, the teachers shadow the children when they are using the internet. They also check the search history and talk frankly to children about all sensitive topics. This gives the child a support system and once the teachers win over the trust of the child he will listen to them and follow their instructions.

These are some ways in which Vagishwari World School helps your child keep safe while on the internet:


It is essential to shadow the child while he is on the internet. So that he does not get coaxed into seeing adult content and thus get harmful exposure. At Vagishwari World School, which is the best Play Schools in Uttam Nagar West in Delhi, the teachers and the mentors keep an eye on children when they are surfing the net and make sure that the children stay away from the harmful content.


It is also a good idea for parents and teachers to check the search history after a child has used the internet. This way they can stay aware and updated as to what the child was viewing and save him from unwanted and harmful content. At Vagishwari World School the teachers always check the search history and see to it that the child does not view harmful content.


At Vagishwari World School all, the adult sites are blocked and no one can access them as they are locked. These way children cannot consciously or unconsciously access wrong and harmful content and this helps them keep safe-mentally and emotionally


At Vagishwari World School, which is the best Play School in Uttam Nagar West in Delhi, the teachers use child locks for websites and computers so that the children can only access the net when the teachers are around and this saves them from harmful exposure.


It is also essential to raise the awareness of the children by frankly talking to them about everything. And not hiding anything from them as that will give rise to curiosity. And they will try to figure out things on their own. At Vagishwari World School, teachers talk to children frankly about sensitive topics. And thus help them mature the right way without coming to any harm.

Thus by guiding and shadowing the child, the teachers at Vagishwari World School help children increase. Their awareness about the world around them without coming to any harm. The school leaves no stone unturned to see to it that the children get the right exposure. And are safe and away from harmful influences on the internet.

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