Lay The Foundation About The Environ From The Start In School


Our life starts as an infant and then moves on to childhood to teenage to adulthood. During this phase we learn different aspects. The most we learn during our school days that is in childhood and teenage. There are many aspects that the child needs to be taught to live a meaningful life.

Though most of the students are taught the same things in school like  Vagishwari World School The best primary school in uttal nagar west each student takes it in different perspective. Also then he or she would apply it in different ways in his or her life too. However, the school cannot distinguish between students and each is taught the different nuances he or she should know about the world.


One such is the study of the environment. Yes, this is a vast subject and cannot be covered in studying it for a few years. Even after we leave our school we get to learn so many aspects about the environment that we did not know before.

So its study can be said to be an ongoing process. The foundation of its study however needs to be laid in the minds of the child in the starting years at the primary school level. An interest in the environment needs to be inculcated to make it interesting which will make it easy to learn.

Its study need not be limited to the text book like briefing the child about the seasons, or plants or the different places. The child should learn the aspects in a realistic way. A hands on approach will teach the child the different features of the environ effectively. The child will learn to hold the environment in veneration.

Learning about the different attributes will become an urge not only in school but even beyond that if the seeds of its learning are laid in an interesting way. This will underpin in the minds of the children to respect and also protect the environment and they will do so all along their lives. In the long run this will help us to protect our environment.