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“Let us remember : One book , One pen, One Child and one teacher can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

Vagishwari World School was started with a vision to provide every student their right to education.At Vagishwari World School, we always focus on child’s personal as well as academic development . Our staff  members are always on their toes to take care of students. Our curriculum is designed after an extensive research and efforts to provide  Quality education along with hands on experience.

We want to be an integral part of our society by providing the education to every child. A child can learn and get a bright future if the basic education is right.A school is a place where the student not only study but also learns so many things such as sports spirit, caring , sharing , innovation etc.In today’s challenging enviornment it is important for a child to be ahead of the curve and to be flexible in all situations. Our team of dedicated staffs leaves no stone turned when it comes to the students.

We strongly follows the No Pressure approach to provide a comfortable enviornment to our students.A child is like a raw soil which can be transformed in any shape and that is why we think that a right guidance is very important to get the right output.

In Vagishwari World School all students are given the equal rights and importance. We also encourage the parents of our students to take part in their child’s activities which will help them to understand their child in best possible manner.

“ You Dream is now our dream, so let us help our children by giving them the right education.”


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