School Is Considered The Second Home | Vagishwari World School


The school going children spend a major part of their day at school especially on the week days. It is here that they learn major lessons of their life. School is considered as the second home for the children.The parents always give their best to their children but when it comes to education they are dependent on the teachers at school.

It is here that the children learn the major lessons in life too. From the academic to moral values majority of the lessons are learned at school.


So it is up to the teachers that they give their best to the children. In fact, each child has to be given his or her due. Each child is different and the needs are also different. Some of them need some extra attention and some need some extra training. Not everything can be taught in a group.

So whenever necessary the teachers need to give personal attention to children like the parents give at home. Only then the children will benefit from the teaching and education imparted at school.

Schools like Vagishwari World School have recognized such needs and are doing their best to provide such education to the children. By this the children not only get a certificate of completion of their education but also learn a lot to lead their life independently. They can use the training attained in school to lead their life in a better and do some good work in the world the future.

They will then be able to contribute their share to develop the world too. so this second home should be a sound foundation where the life lessons are learned well by one and all that attend it.

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