Ways to Boost Confidence in Children

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It is essential to boost confidence in children for the overall development of their personality. Self confidence comes from a sense of competence. A confident child tends to develop a positive perception of their abilities and talents that help in the development of the personality. This leads to great number of achievements, however small or big they might be.
Here are certain tips to boost the self confidence in children. 

  • Praising the child – It is essential to praise the child and give positive feedback for their efforts especially the young ones, that helps them in measuring their worth and achievements. Of a child fails in particular task, instead of scolding him/her make them understand that it is absolutely okay to fail in certain cases.


  • Loving the child – This is the most obvious and the important thing that a child needs. The child needs to be feel accepted and loved, in family, in the classroom, amongst their peers, sports team and community as well. Even if you tend to get angry on the child for certain reasons make sure to make it to them. Unconditional love builds a strong foundation to boost the self confidence in children.


  • Helping the child set realistic goals – To boost the self confidence in the children it is essential to help they set realistic goals. Guide the child to set reasonable goals to avoid feelings of failure. Of the child fails in achieving certain goals in their life activities instead of scolding them or getting angry in them, guide them with the proper strategy to achieve that goal again in the near future. If the goal is a long term one then help the child in devising short term steps along the path.


  • Teaching them resilience – It is not possible for everyone to gain success all the time in one’s life. There will be many setbacks, failures criticism and pain that one has to face. Teach the child to use these hurdles to reach their destination rather than letting these hurdles affect their performance.

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