Teaching strategies to increase student’s participation.

While increasing participation is an obvious goal in courses that include frequent discussions and small-group work, it is also important in a lecture course. In short, if only a few students participate by volunteering answers, asking questions, or contributing to discussions, class sessions become to some extent a lost opportunity to assess and promote learning. Vagishwari school is the play schools in Uttam Nagar whose students participation is quite complimentary. Here are some strategies that will help in increasing students participation.

●Assess their prior knowledge. – This could be as simple as asking students, “What do you know about (topic)?” and writing their responses on the board. You could also try a pre-test or a graphic organizer like a K-W-L chart. The goal is to find out what they already know (or think they know). You create buy-in for the students because they feel smart, and you can tailor your lesson to the information they don’t know or don’t remember correctly.

●Teach with Technology- Technology is a great tool to use to get your students intrigued in a lesson and want to participate in it. With all of the new educational technology that is out there today, it would be a shame not to incorporate it into your lessons. Use their expertise to your advantage, and incorporate lessons and activities that utilize the iPad or a tablet.

● Effectively Communicate with Visual Aids- Most students need something to focus their eyes on (besides the teacher) when they are trying to learn a new concept. It’s hard to get students to listen and actively participate when there is not a visual aid to focus on. When you use a teaching aid, it will not only help you get your point across, but it will also help your students to focus on what they are learning, and in turn get them to participate.

●Change Your Regular Daily Routine-   change your regular morning habit by giving students a different task to complete in the morning. Instead of having them switch their papers with their neighbour, have them take turns picking a stick to see what other classmates they can switch with. This excitement will motivate them and get them to want to participate more often.

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